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KICSS'2013 Proceedings available in print - recent update

Due to the inquiries from public and university libraries who prefer to order a hardbound paper copy of proceedings rather than a CD version, a print version of KICSS'2013 Proceedings (hardbound) has been published as well. Its contents and layout are the same as the CD version, except the Preface, which has been extended and formulated in the past tense. In addition, the list of participants is appended, some minor mistakes corrected. Its publication year is 2015. KICSS participants can order the Proceedings at the special rate of EUR 40 excluding shipping by July 31, 2016, after logging-in in their participants panel at www.kicss2013.ipbf.eu or sending an order by email to kicss2013@pbf.pl. Shipping costs are economic but may vary depending on the destination country and the way of shipment. Additional CD Proceedings can still be ordered at EUR 30 (KICSS participants price incl. shipping) in the same way.