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Special Issues

Special issues of high rank JCR-indexed scientific journals devoted to

  • intelligent knowledge-based systems,
  • general creative systems (GCS),
  • digital creativity,  

and their future prospects will be published. Selected revised and extended papers presented at KICSS'2013 will be considered for publication (by invitation of the Special Issue Editors only).

The publication of a KICSS'2013 Special Section (6-8 selected papers) in the International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS), ISSN: 1641-876X (print), 2083-8492 (online), https://www.amcs.uz.zgora.pl/ has been arranged recently with the Editor-in-Chief of this journal. AMCS is an hybrid (online open access, print version subject to subscription) journal published since 1991. Moderate publication charges are requested from the authors. It is indexed by major scientific databases including SCI(E). The 2012 JCR Impact Factor of AMCS is 1.008 (5-Y IF:2012 = 1.146). The focus theme of this Special Section is the same as the main topic of the Conference: "Looking into the Future of Creativity and Decision Support Systems". The authors of selected papers accepted to publication in Springer Post-Proceedings will be invited to submit a paper.

A joint special issue of the International Journal of General Systems (IJGS) devoted to the theory and applications of General Creative Systems (GCS) that will include selected papers presented at KICSS’2013 in Kraków and KICSS’2014 in Cyprus is also under consideration. Therefore high-quality submissions related to the GCS are welcome to be submitted the the 9th KICSS as well. The topics of KICSS submissions that - after an extension and revision - could be considered for this special issue may refer to :

  • Theory of creative processes and systems
  • Measurement of creativity in general systems
  • Creative decision making
  • Taxonomy of creativity
  • Relations between General Creativity and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Design and implementation of artificial GCS
  • Potential future impact of General Creativity on science, technology, and society

and more.

The authors of papers accepted for KICSS 2013 AISC Post-Proceedings or KICSS’2014 Proceedings that might qualify for this Special Issue will be contacted by the Editors of this Special Issue.