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Post-Proceedings Editorial Process

First of all, we would like to thank to all KICSS'2013 participants who submitted camera-ready versions of their extended and revised papers to the Springer AISC Post-Proceedings. In a few well-justified cases we accepted requests to extend the submission deadline that caused also a similar slight delay of the overall editorial process. The KICSS'2013 Editorial Committee is now re-checking the technical correctness of all papers, specifically the compliance with the Springer requirements. Within the next weeks you may still be contacted by one of the Technical Editors in order to improve editing or to provide clarifications. The Authors will be requested to reply within a few days. We do hope to conclude this process by the end of June, then send the edited manuscript to Springer.

In the meantime: please do not forget about the forthcoming submission deadline to KICSS'2014 in LImassol. Cyprus!